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A Minute a Day to Feel the Sun Even If It Doesn’t Shine



A book from Juliette Dumas

Translated from the French by Michelle K. Hansen

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- Me:   “Do you have a minute? “

- You:   “Could you make it quick? I’m really swamped right now.”

- Me:   “Actually, the timing is perfect. I’d like to talk to you about the sun.”

- You:   “You want to talk about the weather?”

- Me:   “Even better, feeling the sun even if it doesn’t shine.”

- You:   “That sounds interesting, but what is the Shine Button?”

- Me:    “It’s all common sense. We all have a little light within us just waiting to shine. We can choose to make it shine. We can stock up on it to see clearly when everything seems dark. We can share our light with others who are in need or just for the joy of sharing?!”

- You:   “You mean, we can create our own solar energy?!”

- Me:    “Absolutely! We can adopt a beneficial state of mind to better live our lives, overcome obstacles and weather the storms.”




This book could also be called “In Search of My Lost Light.” After growing up in Africa, Juliette Dumas lost the sun in her life and in the sky. One day, as a result of an urgent need and intense desire, she created a state of mind that changed everything and brought the sun back into her life. This is what she calls the Shine State of Mind. This book shares everything she has learned and gathered from her life experiences. It’s a pocket companion filled with inspirational bright ideas.






Dance like No One is Watching

Talk to Ganesh

Drive with the Windows Open Wide

Make Someone Smile

Ask for Help

Shamelessly Indulge in a Delectable Dessert

Pay Attention to Your Tea Ritual

Give from the Heart

Send a Note to Someone for No Particular Reason

Treat Yourself as Well as You Treat Others

Notice the Signs

Climb a Mountain Not for the Recognition,

but for the Better View

Make Time for What Is Important

Be the Boss of Your Life

Listen to Nietzsche

Read the Poems of Mermaids

Notice Flowers That Grow in Unlikely Places

Say, “It’s Too Good, and It’s True”

Follow Your Intuition

Brush Your Eyebrows

Think About Philosophy While Trying on Jeans

Say Thank You

Put Your Bare Feet in the Earth

Accept That Nothing Is Permanent

Smell the Rain

Look in the Mirror and Take Charge

Flip the Record Over

Learn to Surf Instead of Trying to Stop the Waves

Don’t Stress When You Can’t Fight

Ask How Someone Is Doing and Actually Care

About the Answer

Decide That You’re Not Perfect—You’re Better Than That

Do What Is Necessary

Decide Life Isn’t About Being Born to Pay Bills and Die

Be Your Own Queen Before Being His Princess (Ladies Only)

Time Will Tell

Come Across Someone Who Kisses You and Says,

“Here’s a Million Dollars. Live It Up and Spend

Every Last Penny.”

Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come

Don’t Give up in the Middle of the Journey

We Don’t Fail, We Learn

Understand That the Minimum Is All You Need

Create the Perfect Moment Instead of Waiting for It

Receive Compliments

Listen to Lao Tseu: “Care About What Others Think

and You Will Always Be Their Prisoner.”

Be Patient

Don’t Rush

Live in the Here and Now

Keep Things Under Wraps for Your Inner Peace

Always Find the Good, Even During a Bad Day

Be Bold

Listen to the Dalai Lama: “Give the One You Love Wings

to Fly, Roots to Come Back and Reasons to Stay.”

Be Proud of Your Work

Stop Hoping, Start Taking Action

Listen to Gandhi: “Strength Doesn’t Come from

Physical Capacity. It Comes from an Indomitable Will.”

Take the Elevator with Full Awareness

Offer a Rose to the Elderly Lady Who Runs the Dry Cleaner’s

Vacuum the Spots That Always Go Untouched

Stretch Every Morning and Evening

Change Your Perspective

Forgive Someone Before Going to Sleep

Take a Detoxing Shower

Be Someone You Would like to Meet

Smile at Someone Who Nitpicks Instead of Flying

off the Handle

Glide Along, like Riding a Skateboard

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Format : 15 x 21 cm
Nombre de pages : 108
ISBN 9782367782034
Date de sortie Novembre 2018

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A Minute a Day to Feel the Sun  Even If It Doesn’t Shine

A Minute a Day to Feel the Sun Even If It Doesn’t Shine

A book from Juliette Dumas

Translated from the French by Michelle K. Hansen

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